Oct 2009

My Name is Jerry Independent Film Trailer

Posted: October 8th, 2009 | Author: admin | Categories: Film | Tags: ,
MyNameIsJerryMovie posted: This is the first official trailer for the Independent Film My Name is Jerry Technorati Tags: Film Trailer, Independent Film Related Posts THE WEEKEND...
MyNameIsJerryMovie posted:

This is the first official trailer for the Independent Film My Name is Jerry

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23 comments have been left

  1. FrankDerlinger - Gravatar
    FrankDerlinger Said:

    “Scheming Weasle Fast” von Kevin MacLeod

  2. Fortresszocker - Gravatar
    Fortresszocker Said:

    Die Musik ist das geilste. ♥ Am Anfang. :P
    Weis jemand wie die heißt?
    Antwortet bitte. :)

  3. FrankDerlinger - Gravatar
    FrankDerlinger Said:

    14 Antworten auf einen Coldmirror-Kommentar??
    Äh, weird…?

  4. InneKopp - Gravatar
    InneKopp Said:

    xD ick uch.. hab mich die ganze zeit gefragt was an dem so geil is^^ habs nich rausgefunden xD un trailer.. myoa.. könnte man evtll ma schaun..vllt gut :D

  5. albernheitismyname - Gravatar
    albernheitismyname Said:

    nur wegen coldmirror

  6. Fortresszocker - Gravatar
    Fortresszocker Said:

    Die Musik ist so geil. ♥

  7. digitalrich - Gravatar
    digitalrich Said:

    Jerry, German, get it?

  8. kane5250 - Gravatar
    kane5250 Said:

    Hey everyone! Independent film makers Zack Zortman and Steve Kane here. Check out our newly released comedy, Colonial Commandments. Its the story of a psycho wannabe Revolutionary War colonel who terrorizes a college student. Simply type Colonial Commandments in on your Youtube searchbar and hit enter. The film is broken into 5 parts so be sure to watch them all!

  9. Schwachseleis - Gravatar
    Schwachseleis Said:

    erst durch coldmirror bin ich auf my name is jerry gestoßen … und jetzt nach dem trailer will ich ihn wirklich sehen

  10. AMIslandGirl22 - Gravatar
    AMIslandGirl22 Said:

    Ahhh! I just saw Doug Jones today! He made a speech to the freshman class at Ball State :D

  11. Michi21194 - Gravatar
    Michi21194 Said:

    lol, jeder guckt das nur wegen coldmirrow x)

  12. schinkengirl - Gravatar
    schinkengirl Said:

    Stimmt :) nur wegen Colmirror :D

  13. MasterOfDifaster - Gravatar
    MasterOfDifaster Said:

    ich schau den trailer auch nur wegen coldmirror

  14. kawieichheisse - Gravatar
    kawieichheisse Said:

    lol, alle wolln ihn sehn wegn coldmirror ^^

  15. hansgurok - Gravatar
    hansgurok Said:

    (Anhang: Das ist natürlich wegen coldmirror) xD, rofl, lol, roflcopter

  16. hansgurok - Gravatar
    hansgurok Said:

    Ist es nicht seltsam, dass die hälfte aller kommentare von deutschland kommt???

    Its very strange that the evry second comment was made by a german person, isnt it???

    (Sry my torrible english)

  17. TheHypermused - Gravatar
    TheHypermused Said:

    I want to see that film!

  18. xoxNadjaxox - Gravatar
    xoxNadjaxox Said:

    I want to see it in a cinema in germany PLEAAAASE

  19. DerFreiegedanke - Gravatar
    DerFreiegedanke Said:

    coldmirror hat macht ^^

  20. GROSSSTADTHELD - Gravatar

    I’m from Germany… (Coldmirror-Fan)

    GERMANY !!!! We’ll se the movie in GERMANY !!!
    In German, please.

  21. MyNameIsJerryMovie - Gravatar
    MyNameIsJerryMovie Said:

    We hope to have more information about distribution in the near future! Sorry for the long wait – but we want to make sure we find a good fit.

  22. MangledxImagination - Gravatar
    MangledxImagination Said:

    I looooooooooooove Doug Jones!!
    cant wait to see this!

  23. Melatonin Side Effects · - Gravatar
    Melatonin Side Effects · Said:

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