Oct 2009

“Potentials” Short Film

Posted: October 8th, 2009 | Author: admin | Categories: Film | Tags: , , , ,
fireflyfilms posted: My Year 12 film, and first ‘attempt’ at constructing a story, and characters. The film was shot over four days, and scored an...
fireflyfilms posted:

My Year 12 film, and first ‘attempt’ at constructing a story, and characters. The film was shot over four days, and scored an A+. The camera used was a Panasonic AG HVX-202EN. … potentials firefly films fireflyfilms teleportation the matrix gunfights fighting action movie

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23 comments have been left

  1. atleastbesubtle - Gravatar
    atleastbesubtle Said:

    lol everyones got that ringtone haha lol

  2. polas93 - Gravatar
    polas93 Said:

    lame video :p

  3. hitmanspade - Gravatar
    hitmanspade Said:

    The acting and fighting was horrible…

  4. wolfteam121213 - Gravatar
    wolfteam121213 Said:

    haha i love it i subbed

  5. Roxxormator - Gravatar
    Roxxormator Said:

    reminds me of matrix and jumper xD but its funny 5/5

  6. RiffsandBridges - Gravatar
    RiffsandBridges Said:

    It’s a nice movie, but i got a little bored, because it reminded me too much of The Matrix.

  7. texastech777 - Gravatar
    texastech777 Said:

    Amazing uderly amazing you could do this for a living amazing

  8. fluid1986 - Gravatar
    fluid1986 Said:

    Yeah Melbourne talent baybee!

  9. 666trippa666 - Gravatar
    666trippa666 Said:

    5/5 – with subscrib

  10. MrSSEPEHR - Gravatar
    MrSSEPEHR Said:

    HAHAHAHAHA 2:46 Crank xD

  11. BOBTHEMONKEY8 - Gravatar

    reminded me a bit of the matrix, but oh well 5/5

  12. fireflyfilms - Gravatar
    fireflyfilms Said:

    cheers! :D

  13. ChickenfootFilms - Gravatar
    ChickenfootFilms Said:

    coolness.. I like what you did with what you had :)

  14. Neighborhooddirector - Gravatar
    Neighborhooddirector Said:

    hey man I was hoping to get into filmaking and i have some questions do you think you could help out a beginner

  15. MickandNick - Gravatar
    MickandNick Said:

    there are somethings i saw and i’m not in film class. like when he says “hi, how are you?” and the one guy says “my name is eric.” i don’t think it would go like that if he just met someone. and um, when people talk when they hold a gun to someone’s head, like in the end; they aren’t thinking about their hands. like, if your talking you are going to be thinking of what you want to say first. so he could have shot the guy when he was talking cause he wouldn’t have shot back. but its still a 100/5

  16. MickandNick - Gravatar
    MickandNick Said:

    wow man, i really think that this is amazing. idc if you did take stuff from other movies, its the way you put them together. cause its kind of like a hitman like thing and i like that. this is amazing. 100/5 dude. keep makin’ more.

  17. ShericeAjani - Gravatar
    ShericeAjani Said:

    Well wasn’t she a cutie.

    Great work!

  18. gnarly6154 - Gravatar
    gnarly6154 Said:

    i liked it alootttt

  19. SebiTarantino - Gravatar
    SebiTarantino Said:

    nice job :D

  20. campalamp1212 - Gravatar
    campalamp1212 Said:

    I like the subway shot

  21. ChristopherDurden - Gravatar
    ChristopherDurden Said:

    For a low budget film I would say the effects are pretty good, just very unoriginal. There are a lot of great qualities about this film but there are plenty of bad one as well, first off when your writing a script its best to start by writing an outline of beats of the story to establish what is going to happen. This will help decide the best way to visually tell the story with shots, and dialogue. There is a lot of room for grow in your work, you really need to move towards your own ideas.

  22. MrTwistedZombie - Gravatar
    MrTwistedZombie Said:

    I agree with the comments about it taking core ideas from jump and push but these days nothing is completely original

    i think the way it was filmed was alright but the acting was completely terrible. I realize its a pretty low-budget short film but come on. I wasn’t drawn into the story at all.


  23. 063rekcuf - Gravatar
    063rekcuf Said:

    it sucks