Nov 2009

Painting Lessons – For Home or School

This painting lesson course on DVD would be an excellent addition to a high school, private school, or college course. Though it was designed for...

This painting lesson course on DVD would be an excellent addition to a high school, private school, or college course. Though it was designed for use at home, it covers basic art concepts, color theory and has actual painting demonstrations. I think it could be an excellent way to teach art to teenagers who are being home schooled.

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It is not easy to find good painting DVD lessons – and many are outdated (such as the popular Bob Ross DVDs) or they are  just plain limited to painting one scene.

I think anyone who has an interest in learning to do oil painting would love to use this course: Learn and Master Painting. And if anyone needs a great gift idea for an artistic friend, this could be the best present they ever got!

Painting Lessons on DVD – See review at Painting Lessons

Or if you need an oil painting kit with 12 tubes of oil paint, 6 brushes, palette knife, and medium - it will save you money by purchasing this kit:


Winsor Newton Paints and Brushes are in the supply kit.



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  1. Paint Master - Gravatar
    Paint Master Said:

    Atelier Alupi also providing professional painting courses at paris. If you are in Paris, join our painting course to make your yourself professional painter.

  2. Kati - Gravatar
    Kati Said:

    Hi, I think you should know about this free digital literature resource:

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  3. John’s Painting Lesson Videos - Gravatar
    John's Painting Lesson Videos Said:

    It seems difficult to really learn painting if you cannot take the time to go to a University. Many of the video courses are to narrowly focussed to be of use to the absolute beginner. I have found the Learn and Master Course to be on of the best of the comprehensive courses.